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What is the best braving horse for a treck ?

Take a horseback ride is the most practiced in the equestrian activity. This allows the escape for the horse and a great resource for the rider. Spending a few days in the company of a horse is actually easier and faster than through the forest on foot. However, the choice of hiking horse should not be taken lightly because certainly, they are strong and often calm but some breeds of horses do not have the ability to go hiking.

Which horse for a trek?

The horse is brave and solid nature. Most are able to face the obstacles of nature, but they are unfortunately not suitable for all disciplines to do hiking. The merens, the quarter horse, horse Camargue, the fjord, the Heson are robust and hardy breeds of horses. Being calm nature and strong, they reassure most hikers. But it should be noted that horse races are not the only ones to take into account the type of horse is more thoughtful in terms of hiking because we do not always have to sleep in comfortable box. So choose an educated horse, trained and prepared to face the great mother nature and put a used french saddles for a comfortable ride.

Choose hiking horse

Although some breeds of horses are better suited to hiking, any of which could be suitable for this practice of the time it is well conformed to the situation. If you need to choose an equine partner for a hike, do not initially choose a horse that is not physical effort because the hike requires work without surprise. Use it so at least twice a week before taking a hike. You should then take a horse aged between 5 and 8 years. This would allow you to use it immediately. Indeed, a young horse requires a fairly experienced rider to initiate a hike. As for the size of it, choose a horse capable of supporting your weight and your luggage. Finally, make sure your horse is well made and comfortable to ensure your ride.

Horses Healthcare

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