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Get all your equipment before the next show!

Like other sports, horse riding requires adequate equipment. This equipment concerns the horse as well as the rider himself. Indeed, the equipment for the practice of riding to practice this sport safely and in the right conditions. Find all the equipment you need here.

What equipment for his horse?

Before you start on the field and ride your horse, it should be properly equipped. Among the accessories for your pet, the saddle is at the top of the list. Indeed, it depends on the good practice of your equestrian sport. His choice is paramount, because it is the comfort of the horse and the rider and the safety of the latter. So you need a saddle of choice that is adapted to the morphology of your horse. And who says equipment of first choice necessarily says high price. But relax, you can fall back on the french used saddles. French saddlers are renowned for the finesse and quality of their product.

In addition, your horse will need a saddle pad, halters and lunge, jaws, stirrups and protective accessories (protection for tendons, gaiters…). You can dress your equine as you want, even in winter or in summer, for hack or for competition.

To go out with your horse, you must also equip yourself accordingly. In most cases, your clothing will depend on the type of equestrian sport you practice. But the horseman’s paraphernalia includes:

  • A helmet
  • A vest or protective jacket
  • Boots
  • Gloves
  • A whip

These accessories of the rider may vary from one equestrian sport to another. It’s up to you to choose the right equipment. In addition, riding is a noble sport, the rider’s clothing must highlight the elegance of the sport. Finally, the rider’s clothing may also depend on weather conditions. Indeed, you will not wear the same clothes in winter or summer.

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