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How to clean a saddle ?

If you just provide your saddles and need to embellish it further so that it can shine when you stroll, you just have to follow our advice. Indeed, for much guarantee the safety of rider and horse, it is important to care for it as regularly as possible.

What you need?

For you to care for your saddle, you will need a glycerine soap, a beeswax-based balm and neat's foot oil which is not required but recommended. You can find in specialty stores in maintenance of riding facilities or take a tour on the internet.

Maintain his saddle in three steps

To clean your saddle you first need to bring a towel and your soap and rub without lather. so you do not need to put too much soap. You can take the opportunity to clean the stirrup and simultaneously straps. You must leave the soap penetrate your saddle without rinse and let dry.

When you see that your leather is completely dry and clean, you have there now apply your base bee balm for that leather can be well fed and well hydrated. You will need a cloth to do this. Apply in all parts of your seat unless the seat for added security. The frequency of feeding should depend on the use of your saddle while a weekly maintenance is strongly recommended.

The last step is lubrication but this is an optional step if you used to always maintain your leather as regularly as possible. In case the seat is brand new or damaged or it's a used saddles for sale, you will need the beef foot oil to rehydrate and soften the leather thoroughly with a brush or cloth. After use, it is important to let it soak. Be aware that the use of glycerine soap, balm and neat's foot oil should be together. Otherwise you can use a horsehair brush to shine more of your leather saddles.

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