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Where to find a beautiful saddle as Arabs people have ?

The Arab saddles are very difficult to find. Unless going in Egypt or to Morocco. If you look for an Arab saddle on the Internet, you will have difficulty.
The saddles of the Arabs are also very different from western saddles. They are of type Egyptian, Moroccan or Spahi.
They have a back from 20 to 25 cms high rather similar to that of a armchair; they have on the front a knob of the thickness of the arm which rises perpendicularly from 12 to 15 cms.
These saddles are very practical: the horseman, ployed legs in stirrups attached short, stands on them as soon as he gallops. Back in his saddle gives him support. He is perfectly steady and master of all his movements.

I know the cave of Alibaba where you can order an Arab saddle

In France, in a small village of the South, there are people passionate about horses. They opened a ranch where we can admire numerous Equidae: horses, ponies, donkeys and even llamas!
They are so passionate that they created a service of saddlery  where we find any sorts of saddles: a real small museum! Here, you will find Egyptian, Moroccan and Spahi saddles. The Spahis were units of cavalry belonging to the army of Africa which depended on the French land forces. Of 1914 in 1918, seven regiments of Moroccan and Algerian Spahis participated in the big fights on the French forehead.

At the heart of the Regional Natural reserve of Haut-Languedoc, to 8 km of Mazamet, in the neighborhood of the village of Labrespy, you will have the surprise to discover this universe completely dedicated to the horse. Nestled in a small valley, this place is La Cavale.

Used saddles for sale

If by any chance, you could not go in this small French village, you can always ask for your saddle Equitack. Describe to us the saddle about which you dream and we will find it for you.

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