A good saddle even a second hand is always good !

The saddle is the tool that will enable full control of the horse by the rider. It must not only be made in the rules of art, but it will also be of high quality ensuring a long life. Currently, brands like Antares saddles will even allow customization of these stools to combine the best comfort and efficiency.

The importance of a good saddle

During the creation of riding during antiquity, the problem always was based on control of the animal. Specifically, it was a device to securely hold the horse and drive easily. It is in this sense that were created tack, saddle saddle and bridle. It is the Persians who have passed the concept to the Arab people in the Middle Ages. The fine used saddle is essential for comfort during equestrian activities, whatever the discipline. The quality of a particular seat will be measured by its strength and therefore durability. Note that there are more than thirty saddle types for various types of equestrian activities if we cite only the cross saddle, dressage saddle, the saddle endurance saddle and the Mixed the obstacle saddle. This diversity of the finality testify of the need to design several methods so that each seat can properly monitor the pace of activity.

A saddle that will last in time

A well-made saddle will be robust and will see its long life time. The Antares saddles are among the best at this level. Antares brand has always been the objective since the creation of the brand in 2000, offering quality products for all types of equestrian activities. Brand stools are handcrafted with meticulous process followed by specialized craftsmen in the field and trained in-house. This way of added to the ability to customize each seat ensure impeccable quality about the product.

Whether professionals or amateurs, most abundant in the sense that the Antares saddles brand is among the best in the field. The winners champions 2006 and 2010 World Equestrian Games are among those satisfied customers.

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