A horse who doesn't eat anymore... the reasons...

A horse does not eat may have a dental problem. Observe your horse and notice if the following symptoms:

- Your horse can not eat, meals last very long or it does not finish his ration
- It rejects food on the sides
- It made reservations fermenting between its teeth and cheeks. These reserves often fall when you put the net. Probably very sharp teeth.
- Your horse is between 2 ½ years and 4 years and it loses the state and lack of energy. It must be losing its  premolars and chewing must be more or less painful.

- Your horse has a constant bad breath, a sign of abnormal food fermentation can have various origins. The persistence of these food leftovers can cause more or less serious complications.

It is important to know that the horse's physical performance and general condition are directly related to the integrity of the oral cavity.
All oral disease resulting in difficulty in food intake and will lead to more or less long term, a poor general condition of the horse and therefore a decrease in athletic performance. Many dental pathologies resulting in chewing problems (replacement of primary teeth, wolf teeth, birth defects, caries, pulpitis, soft tissue disorders, etc.)
In the absence of treatment, these injuries will get worse, become increasingly annoying and can cause malnutrition horse reached. Before we get there, contact an equine dentist graduate! He alone can help your horse if it suffers from a problem to teeth.

Or a backache

The proportion of back pain among apparently healthy horses is higher than what one could expect - as well as the proportion of mismatched saddles. The adaptation of the saddle and riding style practiced by the rider play an important role in the development of back pain. Back pain is a real health problem that can affect your horse to the point of making it lose appetite. Prevention is better than cure: adapt a saddle your horse rather than the reverse. Here is a selection of good cwd used saddles !

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