How to prepare your horse for a race ??

A race is crucial for a horse. Most animals just can’t do without racing. Their body, feet and hearts are made this way, they need to exercise.
I have to admit that I have never trained or prepare any horse for a race. I am a regular girl. I have never seen a horse for reel; I have never been in a ranch or in Texas. My only chance is to live in a place where I can have online connection and witness, as if I was there, people training their horses for a run.

I have actually found a great video online showing Martha Josey explaining few basics to help train your horse.
If you have any problems with your horse running, if he is running past the barrel or hits the barrel, there is no need to panic! You can correct it with good basic exercises in your arena, without necessarily going through the same barrel process again. In another way, what Martha is saying is that in order to correct your horse training problems over a barrel process (as this is the subject here), you don’t necessarily need to go over and over the same barrel exercise, what is important is used french saddles a good exercise schedule.

One other thing: If your horse is not turning good, it’s usually for not enough right. ‘We believe in doing a lot of perfect walking circles’, Martha explains showing a perfect working circle on her horse back, sweetly performing circles in a yellow large field, with beautiful green trees surrounding them. ‘And to walk a perfect circle’ she adds, ‘I’m just teaching this horse to give in the rib cage and give his noise and he should be walking his back pitch to be going in the same tracks as his front pitch, just walk those circles’.
This is what I have just learned from Mary Josey’s short training lessons on horses.

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