Ride with the slow attitude !

Mental preparation:
- Be mentally open to questioning your own ways.
- Want to change some habits, for more comfort and daily pleasure.
- The well being of your horse must import you before anything else.
- You would want to live a unique and lasting relationship with your horse or pony.

If you want to experience something unique and sincere with your horses, then, apply these tips!

Here are some rules that must be observed in order to conduct or lead your horse into a slow attitude :

Knowing exactly where you want to go (set a visual landmark).
Give with your hand (side horse, and holding the rope releases) the direction of your goal by pointing the finger for example.

Liven up you of energy and a precise intension to go to this point (it is necessary to believe in it)
Never start in the first one: it is the horse which has to begin the step! Load to you, to accompany it then.

If nothing happens: repeat the previous actions by tapping your horse with your stick.
If it is still nothing happened: frankly dare touch your horse on the flank or leg with the baton while keeping your original objective (benchmark). Warning: touch does not mean hit ! And what's more your horse will not want it to you. Resentment is not a part of feelings that it can feel just as angry.
When your horse starts, then go with it, never ahead of it.
While riding, relax, and smile, to the landmark. Then take a well deserved break by stroking your horse.

If you take the time to apply these tips, you will be surprised that very quickly , your equine will begin to view you differently, and will take as much pleasure in this small basic exercise.

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