Take care of your horse AND your body too !

A horse did not ask to be riding. It is the rider's responsibility to ensure that his mount is taken effect in its integrity and in full.

A saddle adapted to the horse is not enough

A saddle only adapted to the horse is worth nothing at all. A saddle is a tool for horse riding. The horse is a horse with a rider, in which the saddle is a variable. One, among others. But it is true that saddles have a direct impact on the quality of the locomotion of horses.
A saddle adapted to the horse is 50% of the equation, 50% certainly fundamental, but 50% of the success of the couple horse / rider only.

A saddle suitable for horse and rider

The next 50% is the adaptation of the saddle to the rider. If the rider is unable to ride the horse with the saddle horse that goes well, he will adopt a position analgesic, establish compensation that will affect the animal. If he is physically unable : it is that there is inadequacy of the saddle to the morphology. If he is unable to equestrian perspective : inadequacy of the saddle to his practice. Stay there in ergonomics questions. A saddle ergonomically unsuitable for the rider will not work, will not be just. Sometimes the maladjustment is insidious: you feel good in your saddle and nevertheless, nevertheless, because of it, nothing is going to go well : you have not the right pins. Riders do not know their horses, but does not know over themselves. And do not know what they need.Yet it is important to have a saddle suited to the rider also. For that you need to fit your saddle.

Why fit a saddle ?

Because riding is a constant evolution. Your body is changing, your practice evolves. You can only be surrounded guides again. Some are probably better than others. Look, think, try.

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