Team of experts in the field to help at Equitack

It does not matter if you want to practice circus lessons with your horse, jump it or just want to take it to the meadow or stable: for all these things, the basics of equestrian work must be respected.

We are more serious with Equitack teams

Equitack has long been the faithful friend of horse fans. It is a company that presents equestrian products especially used saddles. These are renovated and have been modernized to fit the morphology of the horse back because it is adjustable. Only, as they are old, they are a bit expensive and as they are leather, they need maintenance. Many problems noted by veterinarians during his visit is the lack of maturity of his rider. We do not know how to sit on the saddle, and we have pain in the buttocks, but at the same time, the horse is not at ease. The saddle test is important and if you are not yet sure what you are buying, used western saddles for sale is standard.

Why is a horse not so easy to lead?

If you are afraid to train a horse, start with a pony, it is small and easy to manhandle. A 6-year-old is also able to lead a pony for his first ride. It is therefore important to know some details about a horse before adopting. The horse is a pet, but he has a free spirit, so he is difficult to train. The only approach with him is to go slow and give him time to get used to the habits you learn. A coach is helpful because riding on a horse is a long-term learning experience with several tries.

A good coach will teach you to tug the horse, guide him, and order him to stop, but above all, this ease of doing the cleaning work, the work of the veterinarian and finally get used to his saddle.

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