Choose a wonderful sadle for your show !

It is essential to properly equip his horse whether for a simple walk, a workout or a particular show. If you plan to do a show soon, and you do not find the right saddle it needs, here are some tips that might be useful.

How to choose the saddle?

The choice of the saddle is an essential step in the life of a knight. That is why we must not neglect it or take lightly. It not only has to go to the rider but must put even more comfortable your pet.

Many equestrian disciplines exist in the world of riding. The first step would be to determine how well the seat in question will be able to meet your expectations. If you are a jack of all trades, a fine used saddles mixed would be ideal. It will suit all disciplines. It not only offers the advantages of a mixed but it also offers help on the discipline you like most practicing.

If you go to any competition or show, you must choose a suitable seat. To look good downhill for example, a saddle CSO will be more useful. Once you have clearly defined what you want, you now need to consider your budget. Buying a saddle can be a substantial purchase. However, there is something for every budget.

How to know if the saddle is suitable?

Your saddle is adapted when the tourniquet is free, when your seat is in balance. When the panels release the horse's spine. When she is not too long when it rests on the lower back. And finally when the traces of sweat present when your session is over remain symmetrical. The best way to know if the seat will go well your horse is to appeal to a saddle-fitter. This professional specializes in fitting a saddle to a horse but also a rider.

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