Have you seen the Olympic Games with Asnier Nicolas ??

Since its emergence to antiquity, riding became a wholly passion today. It must be said that his excitement is such that it is part of recurrent disciplines of the Olympic Games today. Moreover, many countries offer equestrian elite athletes including France. The latter, incidentally, achieved very good results at the Olympic Games in equestrian level this year 2016. A name resounds again and again to this "Astier Nicolas".

Doubles medals

I must say that in the field of equestrian activity, France has several experts as http://equitack.com/. The fury of the French professional riders paid since France brings home two medals exactly. This will be a gold medal and a silver medal for France. With a total of 169 points that France will outpace Germany who was the defending champion and Australia through its team of Astier Nicolas Thibault Valletta Laghouag Karim and Mathieu Lemoine. France took the lead thanks to three perfect passes and Australian who chained penalties greatly helped too. On top of that, only one name is used throughout this unprecedented performance in France since after the gold medal, the country still win a silver medal in the same discipline.

Astier Nicolas: engraved name

It must be said that the two medals namely the gold and the silver medal was won by Nicolas Astier. The French last to bring back the gold medal in France was Tony Estanguet and it was 4 years ago. The gold medal was won by team after the jumping test and it was after qu'Astier Nicolas won the silver medal in the individual competition. He was second only to the German Michael Jung who is the double Olympic champion. The name of Nicolas Astier remain etched since it is the first participation of this athlete. It is a promise of better performance in the future. France has unearthed an exceptional talent that promises future very interesting results.

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