How was your first cross competition ?

If you are a fan of equine sport, you need to know for a fact that the cross is part of the eventing or the CCE. This contest is a discipline that brings in all three events including show jumping, dressage and cross. If before, the famous competition was originally only intended for horses of the armed forces, now she knows many changes to become a real equestrian discipline in itself. This discipline requires great versatility whatsoever on the part of the rider or the horse. Note that the CCE is most often described as equestrian triathlon. To participate in this event, it must not only be well equipped with fine used saddles as well as the good performance.

The cross or cross country

Of the three tests, there is the cross that is also known as cross country name. The latter is a specific test CCE practitioner only in the context of a comprehensive competition. This is a test particulire since it happens on natural terrain including plains, woods, fords, mounds, bridges or even distorted. The test in question also includes still obstacles unlike show jumping which the bars are always mobile. In addition the speed required for the horse is much higher and must vary depending on the level. On average, it goes from 500 to 570 m / min or in whole from 30 to 34 kilometers per hour against 24 km per hour on average for jumping.

Start in cross country

If this is your first time, you should know that if you have bad timing, this could sabotage your success. To succeed in this test, you must first learn and know your pace. You must then choose the pace that suits you and stick to it, and finally to practice as regularly as possible. Then you must also learn to look back constantly to detect the fastest route. You must also practice the maximum changing speed and when to also find the right note.

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