The best horses show you've ever seen...

The performance of a horse usually depends on race (parents) and his build. We recognize a good stallion from his physique. But other parameters are also taken into account: accessories and dressage.

A horse at his best

To achieve unsurpassed performance, a standard must be well trained. But training is nothing without a good dressage. A horse, even if it is not purebred, may have to be improved by a professional teacher. This will teach the horse receiving an order and reaction to orders. Discipline must be the master word in the training of the animal. Then the training will come in second, professional maitre and rider must follow a pre-established program that must be done in several stages. These include training for the race, the horse must be judged and gauged from its speed, no matter his favorite discipline. Then the second year will be more technical as the master will monitor all muscles of the body of the animal. All training methods and training can be seen on However, the performance of the horse must especially be measured against his race. Thoroughbreds are the best example, rare species, they are popular among enthusiasts as are famous for their power and discipline.

Never seen

A well-trained horse and well accessorized should normally have very good results in his discipline. A horse, for example, already accomplished the feat of jumping fences of 2.7 meters, which seems incredible, yet was directed by a horse in very good shape. This is the kind of accomplishment lovers and lovers of horses and equestrian world get pleasure. Note that the accessories used for this horse did allow him to do this activity in the greatest possible ease. It is necessary that the animal be equipped with the best existing accessories. Accordingly, the exploit is in the very nature of the animal. Has been listed, including the largest existing horse which measured 2.19 meters or the heaviest horse with 1440 kilos.

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