The show is also about the saddles

The success of the show lies in the equipment of his horse. Preparation is essential. It must pass through the choice of material.

During a particular show, the horse carries his rider for several minutes that seem to be endless if they are not well equipped. A moment that may follow although at the time, the horse in question retains all its equipment and the rider becomes pedestrian. To avoid damage caused by this prolonged contact, we must choose the right equipment. Those specialized for hiking are qualified or have specific pommel while those that are rather intended sto use over a long period offer no limit on support points while spreading best the rider's weight as well as that equipment.

Some useful tips

First, to fully equip your horse, you still need to position yourself on the left while releasing the tourniquet of the carpet and the pommel of your saddle. You must also perform the verification of the absence of folds on the saddle cloth before picking his hooves without touching the fork before and after ride your mount. It is also strongly recommended to grease the hooves regularly as possible to prevent disease and injury and protect the hoof from drying or moisture. You have finally tightening the webbing of the seat after his stomach deflated.

How to saddle his horse?

To saddle your horse, you must arm yourself with your clamp, the fine used saddles, waist strap of the seat belt, the seat cushion, the weeder, a soft brush and the hoof pick.

First brush your horse brush and then clean out clogs. Then lay the mat and the seat cushion before directly ask the saddle and the strap and adjust the stirrups. You must now place the flange then adjust the amounts and under-throat. You must ensure the safety of your horse as well as yours before anything else.

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