They sell everything after the show !

Once past the competition, the majority of homeowners put their used saddles for sale as the only bought for the occasion. It is especially in these cases need to take the opportunity to refuel équipeemnt cheap especially if you do not have enough patience to wait for the sales.

How to choose the saddle of his horse?

It is important to take your time when it comes to choosing the saddle for his horse. Indeed, your seat will depend on your comfort and that of your horse. It must then be adapted to your horse but also to you and has your safety in both.

If it is to introduce young children, you will need bardettes. These are favorable when it begins in the field of horse riding. They offer a wide seat with maximum comfort but also a handful for young riders to be reassured while ensuring the fixity of their hands.

The Joint versatile saddle or saddle is chosen when you want to practice all types of riding without breaking the bank. It has a semi-deep seat and wide enough with a quarter inclié front to accompany you throughout the hurdles.

The obstacle is the perfect saddle for the obstacle course. With the quatiers facing forward, cleats front and rear and a flat seat or semi-hollow, this saddle is the ideal equipment to accompany you safely in all your obstacles events.

The outdoor saddle combines the comfort of the horse to the rider. It is mainly chosen in the case of long periods. With its wide, comfortable seat and its cushioning, the rider's weight is then distributed evenly over the horse's back.

The dressage saddle is available only in dressage. The rider generally rises with the vertical leg during training and calipers are fitted very long. The webbing is also very low in order to have a better contact between rider and horse. That is why this is the perfect saddle.

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