Your horse, your equipment

The passion for equestrian activity prevails since ancient times that he was born. Currently, this passion is buzzing and sees professional coaching at all levels as well at the horse and at the level of the rider. This evolution has obviously seen at the accessories too since they are an integral part of the practice. So we will see a multitude of accessories and equipment needed to make that point with the equine a good time of comfort and pleasure.

Equipment for the rider

It is obvious that the rider has the basic equipment to be able to ride the horse. So there basic amenities at this level. Above all, the riding held therefore begin with the bomb or headphone monitoring breeches. It goes without saying that they will need to be purchased in bulk for better hygiene. Subsequently, will acquire boots or a pair of boots that will be matched to the chaps. In winter, a waterproof coat will also be needed. To work along and for some competition, the gloves will be required. It goes without saying that the specific disciplines require an equally specific outfit. In any case, from this basis, we can buy specific accessories to expand the list of equipment.

Equipment for horses

You should know that it is at the horse that the note will be really salty. For the cost does not climb too high, at this level, it will be interesting to acquire quality equipment but occasions like cwd used saddles that will be a good alternative in the saddle. If not for the list of basic material, it will start with the halter and halter, grooming equipment. There are also fat walk will be a key tool in the care of the horse. Equipment for the horse will also see by the different covers namely the drying coverage, outdoor coverage and covers kidneys. Also, the list of necessary when horse transport will further enlarge this list.

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